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Summary of wagoodman/dive

wagoodman/dive is a repository hosted on GitHub that provides a tool for exploring each layer in an image's Docker file.

Dive aims to give you a clear understanding of the space being used at each layer. You can use the tool to identify any unnecessary bloat in your Docker images. By doing so, you can ensure your Docker apps are only as large as necessary, which can help reduce their runtime footprint and attack surface.

The repository includes detailed instructions for installing Dive, which you can do using Brew, snap, or from a binary release. It deploys a user-friendly command-line interface for navigating the layers and provides a thorough breakdown of file modifications at each layer.

The repo has a very good reception with over 15k GitHub stars, denoting its popularity and usability among developers.

This repository can be a great tool for anyone working with Docker images who wants to streamline their containers.

Here is a quick usage example: bash dive <your-docker-image> After running the above command, it will fetch the Docker image if it is not available locally and then it will start the analysis of the image.

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