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Summary of asdf-vm/asdf-nodejs

The asdf-vm/asdf-nodejs repository on GitHub is a plugin for asdf-vm that allows you to manage multiple runtime versions of Node.js on a per-project basis. The repository provides all the necessary instructions and scripts to install this plugin and integrate it with asdf-vm.

It supports installing Node.js from binary files and compiling from source code. You can specify the version of Node.js you want to use in a .tool-versions file in your project. This is helpful for maintaining consistency across development environments, especially when different projects require different versions of Node.js.

Here's a simple example of how to install a specific version of Node.js using asdf-nodejs:

# Install Node.js version 12.18.4 asdf install nodejs 12.18.4 # Set the local version to 12.18.4 asdf local nodejs 12.18.4

This asdf-nodejs plugin is an open-source project and contributions are welcomed.

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