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Summary of stellar/kelp

The stellar/kelp is a GitHub repository dedicated to Kelp, a free, customizable, open-source trading bot for the Stellar universal marketplace and for centralized exchanges. The bot helps users automate trading and market making strategies on any cryptocurrency exchange.

Using this bot can potentially help traders profit from market fluctuations by placing trades for them based on predetermined strategies. The software is written in Go and a binary can be compiled for various operating systems including MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Kelp includes several pre-defined trading strategies and also allows users to define their own custom strategies. It supports both a GUI and CLI for ease of use and flexibility.

Here are some notable features of Kelp:

  • It enables users to make markets on Stellar DEX and centralized exchanges.
  • It offers a simple plug-in architecture for strategies and exchange integrations, allowing for easy extensibility.
  • It includes configurable operational settings such as time intervals.
  • It provides detailed logging and alert mechanisms.

Users should note, however, that using Kelp involves certain risks, similar to those involved in cryptocurrency trading in general. It is important to understand these risks and the bot's operations fully before using it.

NB - This is not financial advice.

Please check the actual repository for more information and updates: stellar/kelp

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