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Initial time range – from 10 Feb, 2023 to 13 May, 2023

Final time range – from 11 Nov, 2023 to 10 Feb, 2024

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Summary of stacks-network/stacks

The stacks-network/stacks repository is hosted on GitHub and is related to Stacks, an open-source network that enables developers to build decentralized applications and smart contracts on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

This repository serves as a community resource, containing important information and documentation regarding Stacks, its protocol, and its ecosystem. It hosts several resources like Stacks Improvement Proposals (SIPs), related research material, information about grants available for developers, and governance-related discussions.

It's also where discussions on updates to the protocol and network get proposed and debated. The repository is essential for anyone interested in building on or contributing to the Stacks ecosystem, whether they're application developers, protocol researchers, core developers, and even enthusiasts.

This repository is managed by stacks-gov, signifying its central role in the governance, improvement, and growth of the Stacks network and its community. It plays a critical role in conveying crucial, up-to-date information to both the Stacks and wider blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

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