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Summary of seeleteam/go-seele

The seeleteam/go-seele GitHub repository is an open-source project related to the Seele blockchain. Seele is a high-speed, secure, and scalable blockchain project designed for large-scale applications.

The go-seele repository contains the official Go implementation of the Seele Protocol.

The software written in go-seele is used for mining ( creating new blockchains ) in Seele's network. It offers several features including support for full node, mining, transaction pool, Seele service, API service, etc.

The repository is relatively well-maintained, with regular updates and issues are being resolved promptly.

Here are some key points about the go-seele repository:

  • Written in Go language, which is often used for developing blockchain due to its simplicity, efficiency, and robustness.
  • It follows a specific protocol - Seele Protocol.
  • The repository also includes tests to ensure the stability of the code.
  • It has a GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0.

Please note, since it's a blockchain-related project, a solid understanding of blockchain technology and Go language is necessary to contribute, use or learn from this repository.

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