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Summary of openware/opendax

Openware/OpenDAX is an open-source project developed by Openware. OpenDAX stands for Open-Source Digital Assets Exchange, and it's a project that enables aspiring crypto businesses to build a robust, reliable, and fast crypto exchange platform.

The project provides a modular architecture which lets businesses tailor their needs to the software and not the other way around. It supports integration with many popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with support for ERC20 tokens.

Key features of OpenDAX include:

  • Multi-cloud and on-premise environment support.
  • Kubernetes ready. This allows users to scale and adapt their platform to changing needs with ease.
  • Microservice architecture for seamless updates, feature rollouts and modular design.
  • Integration with many popular crypto wallets.
  • Support for several payment gateways.

The OpenDAX repository on GitHub includes the project's source code, documentation for its deployment, and guidelines for contributing to the project. It's licensed under the Apache license 2.0. The project is regularly updated with security patches, bug fixes, and enhancements.


This link redirects you to the project repository. Overall, OpenDAX can be a handy tool for firms and individuals who are looking to build a cryptocurrency exchange and require a customizable, scalable, and secure platform base to do so.

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