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Summary of michaelgrosner/tribeca

The michaelgrosner/tribeca is a GitHub repository that houses the code base for a short term, mid-frequency, liquifiable, fully automated trading platform. It allows trading on any market made available by the supported exchanges, which currently include GDAX and HitBTC.

This project was developed by Michael Grosner, and it employs a mean-reversion strategy on a time scale parameter. It features web client and server for in-depth data analysis and strategy development. The platform is quite sophisticated and continuously trades to maintain market neutrality.

In order to use the platform, you need to have Node.js, MongoDB, and Typescript. The repository provides extensive documentation on how to get set up and start trading, including deployment details, configuration, risk management, and more.

Please note that using software like this involves risk, and it is essential to understand the software thoroughly before engaging in live trading.

Disclaimer: This summary might be outdated as the repository seems to be no longer maintained. The last update was pushed in November 2017, and the repository might contain several unresolved issues and unmerged pull requests, so caution is advised in its use.

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