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Summary of mcardillo55/cbpro-trader

The GitHub repository mcardillo55/cbpro-trader is a Python-based cryptocurrency trading bot that operates on the Coinbase Pro platform. It uses cbpro, the official Coinbase Pro Python library, to execute trades and manage portfolios.

The bot supports custom strategies, which users can specify in the code before running the bot. It also supports various order types, including limit, market, and stop orders. The bot can use the Coinbase Pro API to gather up-to-date market data, which it uses to inform its trading decisions.

Other features of the bot include logging of trades and balance changes, along with error handling to help resolve common issues that may arise.

Here's how it may be structured in Markdown:

  • Project Name: cbpro-trader
  • Author: mcardillo55
  • Language: Python
  • Platform: Coinbase Pro
  • Description: A cryptocurrency trading bot equipped with a variety of features including custom strategies, multiple order types, market data access, trade logging, and error handling.
  • Dependencies: cbpro (Coinbase Pro official Python library)
  • Usage: Customizable for different trading strategies and portfolio management on the Coinbase Pro platform.

Please note that using trading bots carries a high level of risk, and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. Always ensure your bot operates within the legal and regulatory guidelines of your jurisdiction.

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