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Summary of lightningnetwork/lightning-onion

The lightningnetwork/lightning-onion repository is a GitHub repo that provides Go implementation of the Lightning Network onion routing protocol. The Lightning Network is a "layer 2" payment protocol that operates on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

The onion routing protocol, named after the Tor project’s “The Onion Routing” methodology, is important to maintaining privacy in the Lightning Network. It allows for payments to be routed through the network in such a way that no node, other than the originating node, knows the end destination. This makes it much more difficult to trace payments.

This Go implementation features:

  • Construction and deconstruction of Sphinx (onion) packets
  • Stream-based, amnesic, symmetric key generation and usage
  • ElGamal cipher suite abstraction for the Sphinx protocol
  • Full replay and tagging attack mitigations

Here is the link to this repository: lightningnetwork/lightning-onion. Make sure you also read the official Lightning Network whitepaper and other associated BOLTs documents to have a deep dive into the protocol and its implementation.

Remember, before diving into it or contributing any code, to read the contribution guidelines to understand the requirements and process.

Please note that information might change, so always refer to the official repository for the latest information.

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