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Summary of iotaledger/goshimmer

iotaledger/goshimmer is a GitHub repository created by the IOTA Foundation. GoShimmer is a prototype node software exploring the IOTA Foundation’s research on the Coordicide modules in a tangible way. It enables the testing and validation of the concepts and specifications provided by the IOTA Foundation's research team.

In technical terms, GoShimmer is implemented in Go and enables a broad range of different modules that are critical for the functioning of a distributed ledger. These include network and communication layers, consensus modules, Inclusion Proof modules, Mana modules, and more. The repository serves as a playground to test the Coordicide concepts in a real-world environment.

It's important to know that while GoShimmer should not be considered production-ready software, it's regularly updated by the IOTA Foundation's development team and serves as a useful resource for developers interested in learning about and contributing to the evolution of IOTA technology.

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