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Final time range – from 21 Jan, 2024 to 21 Apr, 2024

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Summary of flutter/flutter

The Flutter/Flutter repository on GitHub is the open-source repository that hosts the Flutter UI toolkit created by Google. Flutter is used to build natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Here are some important details to know about the Flutter repository:

  • The repository provides a detailed README file that gives an overview of what Flutter is, its ecosystem, how to start using it and how to contribute to the Flutter project.

  • It is written predominantly in Dart language.

  • The repository also contains issues and pull requests which provide insight into the upcoming changes, bug fixes or feature requests related to the project.

  • The Flutter project maintains a strong set of guidelines for contributing. It includes clear directions for opening issues, coding standards, and instructions on how to propose changes.

  • As an open source project, it accepts contributions from the developer community worldwide. This collaboration approach helps to accelerate the growth and stability of the platform.

  • The Flutter SDK includes the full engine, framework, widgets, and tools. This makes it a comprehensive toolkit for crafting beautiful and high-performance user experiences.

  • The repository is under the BSD-style license, which allows you to use, modify, and distribute the software freely with some restrictions.

  • It has an extensive Wiki section that provides more detailed information about the design and scope of the project.

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