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Summary of fetchai/agents-aea

The fetchai/agents-aea is a GitHub repository that holds the Agent Framework for building Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA). It is maintained by, which is a project that combines blockchain and AI to create an economy of digital agents.

The Autonomous Economic Agents are programs that can manage tasks like data management and transactions without the help of humans. These agents make use of Machine Learning and AI algorithms to collect, analyze, and use data in real time.

The repository contains code that helps developers to create, test, deploy, and manage AEAs. Included in the codebase are templates, packages, scripts for testing and development, and detailed instructions on how to build an AEA.

This repository is open source under the Apache-2.0 License, meaning that any developer is free to use and modify the code for their own purposes. The main programming language used in this repository is Python.

The community around the is active and developers can contribute to the development of the software by means of pull requests.

Below is a simple snapshot of how the repository's introduces itself:

# Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA) Framework <p align=\"center\"> <a href=\"\" style={{textDecoration:'none'}}> <img src=\"docs/figures/aea-logo.png\" alt=\"AEA logo\" height=\"250\"> </a> </p> <p align=\"center\"> <i>Build your Autonomous Economic Agent with the</i><br><b>AEA framework</b> </p> ...

To get started with the AEA Framework and AEAs, refer to their comprehensive documentation. They also offer a discussion forum on Google Groups, email support via and a dedicated Discord server.

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