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Summary of fawazahmed0/currency-api

The fawazahmed0/currency-api is a GitHub repository that provides a free currency conversion API. The API allows conversion between different national and digital currencies.

Here's a brief outline of the repository:


  • It supports over 170 national and digital currencies including Bitcoin.
  • The rates are updated every day.
  • This API does not require an API key or signup.
  • No rate limiting which means you can make as many requests as needed.
  • It allows developers to convert between pair of currencies specified in the API's URL.


You can use the API by making a GET request to the API URL and specifying the from and to currency like this:

Replace 'eur' and 'usd' with the codes of the currencies you wish to convert between.

This request will return a JSON object with the conversion rate.


As with any other API, there's always a chance for downtime or data inaccuracy. Users should account for this in their applications.

Overall, fawazahmed0/currency-api is an excellent choice for developers who need a simple, free, and open-source currency conversion API for their applications. However, for critical applications or large-scale use, it's recommended to use more reliable and officially supported APIs.

Remember to give credit to the author and always follow the terms and conditions of using someone else's work.

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