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Summary of decred/atomicswap

The decred/atomicswap GitHub repository is a place for Decred developed tools related to performing atomic swaps. An atomic swap is a method of trading cryptocurrencies directly from one user to another (peer to peer) without the need of intermediates like exchange platforms.

Here's a simple overview of what you can expect to find in this repository:


The decred/atomicswap repository contains command-line utilities for performing atomic swaps for various cryptocurrencies. The supported cryptocurrencies as per the repository include:

  • Bitcoin (and related)
  • Decred
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monacoin


There are command-line utilities for each of the supported cryptocurrencies including but not limited to:

  1. publishcontract: This publishes a contract on the chain.
  2. contractaudit: Audits an existing contract.
  3. refund: Refunds a published contract.
  4. extractsecret: Extracts the secret after an audit.
  5. redeem: Redeems a contract using the secret.

Overall, decred/atomicswap repository is a go-to hub for anyone who wishes to interact directly with various blockchains for atomic swap capabilities without the need for third-party intermediaries thus providing more freedom, privacy, and versatility to the end-users.

Please note that functionality may vary based on the specific chain involved and it's recommended to have a sufficient understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies before utilizing these tools.

Note: Remember to always check the latest updates and changes in the repository to know the current state of utilities and supported features.

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