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Summary of dcts/opensea-scraper

The dcts/opensea-scraper is a GitHub repository for a Python library that scrapes for data. OpenSea is a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading digital items, particularly NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The library provides a simple and user-friendly way of acquiring data from OpenSea without the need for manually searching and extracting information.

The code in the repository works by sending HTTP requests to the OpenSea API endpoint and processing the JSON response.

Basic Python usage examples are provided in the repository readme. These show how to import the module and use functions to fetch assets, asset events, bundles, collections, and more.

The library handles pagination and rate limiting, reducing the burden on the user to manage these.

Please note to use this tool in compliance with OpenSea's policy. API scraping may violate some of OpenSea's terms.

- Repository: dcts/opensea-scraper - Description: A Python scraper for - Language: Python - Licence: MIT - Last Commit: Check on repository for most recent update.

Note: The repository could have been updated or changed since this overview was written. For the most accurate information, visit the dcts/opensea-scraper repository.

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