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Summary of bradtraversy/50projects50days

The bradtraversy/50projects50days is a GitHub repository showcasing 50 mini projects for HTML, CSS & JavaScript. It's created by Brad Traversy, a popular web development educator and YouTube content creator.

The goal of this repository is to provide a fun, practical way for web developers to expand their skills. Each project day covers different topics in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ranging from basics to more advanced concepts. The projects involve various elements like forms, animations, APIs, etc.

Here is a basic structure of these projects:

  • Day 1: Expanding Cards
  • Day 2: Progress Steps
  • Day 3: Rotating Navigation
  • Day 4: Hidden Search
  • Day 5: Blurry Loading
  • Day 6: Scroll Animation
  • Day 7: Split Landing Page
  • Day 8: Form Wave Animation
  • ...

    Each project has its own directory in the repository, which includes all necessary files to run the project, and a with the basic description of the dealt topic.

Overall, this repository is beneficial for beginners who want to learn or experts wanting to brush up their web development skills by creating small projects. Demonstrating a wide range of techniques, bradtraversy/50projects50days is truly a treasure trove of learning material.

It is also worth mentioning that the repository has a good number of stars (over 6.5k) which signifies its reach and acceptance in the community.

Check out the repository here.

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