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Summary of bmino/binance-triangle-arbitrage

The bmino/binance-triangle-arbitrage repository on GitHub is a project devoted to the automated detection and performance of triangular arbitrage opportunities on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform.

This bot utilizes the Binance API and regularly updates to find optimal triangular arbitrage opportunities. The software focuses on the measurement of each possible triangular relationship to find the optimal trading path among 100+ crypto symbols. This is done in order to maximize profitability.

Some key features of this bot include:

  • Automated execution of trade when profitable opportunities are detected.
  • Features both real-time and historical profit statistics.
  • Diverse array of user configurations is supported to tailor the trading strategies.
  • It uses both WebSocket and REST API in order to have up-to-date and accurate information.

Please note, the bot should be used at your own risk since arbitrage trading involves some risk, just like any trading system.

Here is an example of how you can use the bot:

1. Clone the repository git clone 2. Install the dependencies npm install 3. Configure your .env file 4. Build the project npm run build 5. Start hunting for arbitrage! npm start

Remember, using a bot like this requires a certain level of understanding of cryptocurrencies, trading, and programming.

Disclaimer: This assistant doesn't endorse or advise for any particular code repository or tool. Kindly use this information responsibly and ensure all use is within regulatory requirements and legal boundaries.

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