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Summary of alpacahq/marketstore

AlpacaHQ's marketstore repository on GitHub is an open-source project that provides a database for serving financial market data. It is designed with the principle that financial market data should be as real-time and accessible as possible.

Here are some key features of the repository:

  • Disk Map Structure: The repository implements a storage system for market data, which uses a columnar database disk map structure designed for the time-series pattern in market data.

  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs): It also supports UDFs and allows users to extend the server's abilities with built-in commands.

  • Data Integration: It allows seamless data integration with different sources.

  • Go-based and Interface-Driven Design: It is mainly written in Go (Golang) and the configuration of data sources is done using interface-driven design. This makes it easy to extend for multiple data vendors.

Here is the link to the repository - marketstore.

# [Marketstore]( Marketstore is a database server made available as open-source by AlpacaHQ, ideal for managing financial market data. It allows for easy and real-time data access. Main features: - A unique **Disk Map Structure** suiting the time-series pattern in market data. - Support for **User-Defined functions (UDFs)** - Seamless **Data Integration** with various sources - A Go-based, **Interface-Driven Design** The repository documents comprehensive details on how to set up, use, and extend the functionalities.

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