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Summary of Joystream/joystream

The Joystream GitHub repository primarily contains the source code for Joystream's Blockchain, Pioneer 2, and other related projects. The main goal of this repository is to build, improve, and maintain an on-chain governance video platform that is superior to any centralized alternatives both in terms of cost efficiency and resilience against censorship.

Joystream currently utilizes Substrate, the blockchain development framework created by Parity Technologies. The network's technology stack includes details of their consensus mechanism, their runtime modules, and instructions for local setup.

One of the highlights from this repository is the Pioneer 2 project, designed as an interface for Joystream. Using Pioneer 2, one can participate in platform governance, content curation, and take on platform roles such as Validator or Council Member.

Joystream often employs software bounties to incentivize external contributions to the platform, and the GitHub repo is the hub for these contributions and updates.

The repository is written in various languages. The most used languages are JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, and Shell. The main language may vary from one project to another within the repository.

Before engaging with the repository, it is recommended to thoroughly read the README files in each project's directory. They offer clarifications about the projects, their structures, and the technical requirements to run the code.

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