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Summary of Haseeb-Qureshi/lets-build-a-blockchain

Haseeb-Qureshi/lets-build-a-blockchain is a GitHub repository that presents a thoroughly explained code walkthrough which elaborates on how to build a basic blockchain from scratch. The project is primarily implemented in JavaScript, thus providing a relatively accessible entry point for developers interested in understanding the fundamental concepts and workings of a blockchain.

There are five extensive sections that progressively build upon each other. The repository's structure involves:

  1. Building a basic blockchain: It contains explanations on key concepts such as hashing and blocks.

  2. Implementing a network of nodes: Here, the mechanics of blockchain networking and information distribution across nodes are explained.

  3. Adding proof of work: This section is focused on explaining and implementing the concept of 'mining' and 'proof of work' in the blockchain.

  4. Transaction system and wallets: It provides a detail on how transactions are processed in a blockchain and the working of wallets.

  5. Dealing with conflicts: Here, they explain how conflicts between chains in the network are managed and resolved.

Each part is well-documented and extensively commented on, which assists with understanding the steps taken in the process of developing a functional blockchain.

This repository is an excellent starting point for individuals intrigued by the functioning of blockchain technology and wish to learn practically by building one.

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