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The result is based on ratio of number of commits and code additions from initial and final time ranges.

Initial time range – from 5 Jul, 2023 to 5 Oct, 2023

Final time range – from 5 Apr, 2024 to 5 Jul, 2024

From 1 to 11 commits per week
From 65 to 2336 additions per week
From 113 to 2352 deletions per week
Data calculated on 5 Jul, 2024

Summary of Conflux-Chain/conflux-rust

The Conflux-Chain/conflux-rust GitHub repository is the core implementation of Conflux protocol in Rust programming language. Conflux is a state-of-the-art public blockchain system that represents the next generation of blockchain protocols.

It is designed to achieve high scalability and robustness while maintaining the state-of-the-art security level and decentralization. Conflux adopts a scalable consensus protocol based on a tree-graph (TG) structure, which organically combines security and scalability.

In this GitHub repo, you will find detailed instructions for setting up and running a Conflux node. It provides a CLI named conflux which launches the Conflux network in different modes and a jsonrpc-cf, a JSON-RPC 2.0 service that allows you to interact with the conflux world.

The repository also provides various other tools for operations like block explorer, log processing, and private network deployment. Thus, making the Conflux-Chain/conflux-rust repository an important resource for developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and anyone looking to understand or leverage the Conflux protocol.

Remember, to use this repository, you need Rust and GCC. You need to install Rust in the stable channel for this task, and most likely you will need a C compiler. The GCC that comes with the system is fine and has been tested.

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