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Summary of wolfinch/wolfinch

The Wolfinch GitHub repository, developed by Shrinath M S, is a quantitative trading system and backtesting framework that's designed to be easy and intuitive to use for everyone from experts to novices. It's written in Python, and its goal is to provide a simple, flexible, yet powerful interface for developing and testing algorithmic trading strategies.

Wolfinch features include:

  • Single unified abstraction for handling of historic and live data stream
  • Supports multiple exchanges and multiple trading pair configurations.
  • JSON based strategy configuration
  • Support for AI/ML based strategies in addition to traditional technical analysis strategies

The repository also contains detailed instructions for its setup and usage, and contributions are welcomed.

Please note that while the project has been made available for educational purposes and for people to experiment with quantitative trading, it's important to acknowledge the risks and intricacies involved in trading. Care should be taken when using this or similar software for trading with real money.

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