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Summary of veox/python3-krakenex

The veox/python3-krakenex is a GitHub repository that houses a Python 3 client for the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange API. Below are some details:

  • Language Used: The repository's code base is written in Python.

  • Functionality: Its primary function is to connect with the Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange through their API, allowing users to get information related to the market like prices, order book, past trades, and to automate trading activities.

  • Design: It is based on asynchronous/non-blocking principles which allows it to handle multiple connections at the same time.

  • Version: The original version was krakenex, and python3-krakenex is the updated one. They both are almost the same and the only major difference is that the newer version offers asyncio support.

  • Installation: The package can be installed using the pip Python package manager.

pip install git+
  • Original Author: It was originally authored by a user known as veox.

Note: As cryptocurrency trading carries financial risk, one should use software connected to trading with caution.

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