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Summary of triestpa/Cryptocurrency-Analysis-Python

The triestpa/Cryptocurrency-Analysis-Python repository on GitHub is a Python-based project that uses data analysis tools to profile cryptocurrencies. It includes Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate how to pull data on cryptocurrencies from the API.

The datasets pulled from the API consist of data such as the Market Capitalization of each coin, the Price per coin, the available Supply, and other metrics which it uses to analyze and profile the cryptocurrencies.

The repository also uses data visualization tools such as Pie Charts to represent the Market Capitalization of different coins, and Area Charts to represent the market cap by volume of different coins.

Dependencies for running this project include pandas, numpy, and plotly.

Please note, that this repository was last updated in 2018 and the Coinmarketcap's API that this project is using has been deprecated and might not work properly. It's advised to check the new API or use other services for the cryptocurrency data.

## Repository Info: - **Title**: Cryptocurrency Analysis Python - **Author**: Paul Trieste - **Language**: Python - **Dependencies**: Pandas, Plotly, Numpy - **Last Update**: 2018

Remember to always fit the cryptocurrency analysis techniques to the latest market conditions, as they are highly volatile and rapidly changing.

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