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Summary of sammchardy/python-kucoin

The GitHub repository sammchardy/python-kucoin is a Python based SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Kucoin exchange API. This SDK is utilized to connect to Kucoin's official API in Python, allowing users to manage their accounts, manipulate trading pairs, retrieve market information and more through coding.

Here's a brief outline:

  • Language: Python
  • License: MIT License
  • Latest version: Listed as 2.1.2 under "Releases"
  • Installation: The package can be installed with Python pip package installer with the command pip install python-kucoin.

The repository offers extensive documentation in its README file about how to install and use the tools it provides. There are also examples illustrating how to utilize the different features of the Kucoin API, such as getting a ticker for a particular symbol, creating an order, or retrieving a user's balance.

Please note that like many open source tools, this SDK comes with its own risk and it's important to review the code and understand it before using in personal projects. Also, as this is an interface for the Kucoin exchange API, proper security measures should be taken while dealing with personal account details and API keys.

As of my last update, the package had 39 contributors and it was last updated on 22 Dec 2021.

Please make sure to follow the official API documentation of Kucoin for all the standard conventions, rate limits, and other guidelines.

Remember, always handle your private keys, secret keys, and sensitive data with caution and never expose it publicly or to untrusted parties.

Disclaimer: As always, use third-party software at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any losses incurred when using this software.

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