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Summary of sammchardy/python-binance-chain

The sammchardy/python-binance-chain repository on GitHub is a Python software development kit (SDK) for the Binance Chain. This repository provides tools for interacting with the Binance Blockchain and Dex, allowing developers to create, manage accounts and addresses, and perform various operations such as transfers and orders on the Binance chain.

Some of the features provided by this Python SDK for Binance Chain include:

  • It provides an HTTP API to interact with the Binance Chain, making it possible for Python applications to communicate with the blockchain.
  • It supports both testnet and mainnet.
  • The repository provides a mnemonic utility to create and manage Binance addresses.
  • It provides a wallet object for signing transactions.
  • Users can perform transactions such as transfer tokens and place, cancel orders on Binance DEX.

Note: This project is unofficial and not developed by the Binance Organization. In using this SDK to interact with the Binance chain, developers are reminded to be cautious about the security of their information and assets, as the Binance organization will not be responsible for any loss incurred by using third-party software.

Please look at the repository's README for more detailed information and examples of usage. Also, remember to look at the Python Binance Chain Documentation for detailed insight into the SDK.

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