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Summary of rust-lang/rust

The rust-lang/rust repository is the main GitHub repository for the Rust programming language. Rust is a systems programming language that places an emphasis on speed, memory safety and parallelism. It aims to empower developers to create reliable and efficient systems.

The repository contains the compiler, standard library, and documentation for Rust, along with other resources like the website and the package manager, Cargo. It's a big project with a lot of contributors from around the world.

Rust is constantly evolving and being updated. There are frequent releases, and these are usually announced in the repository. Any breaking changes are typically noted in the repository, as well as any major new features.

Contributions to the repository are welcome, with Pull Requests being the main way code gets added. Because of the size and complexity of the repository, potential contributors are encouraged to communicate with the maintainers before starting to work on a large change.

The repository also includes extensive documentation that helps new users learn about Rust and its features. There's also a book on Rust that's available online and helps users go from the basics to more advanced topics.

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