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Why roq-trading/roq-api is stable?

The result is based on ratio of number of commits and code additions from initial and final time ranges.

Initial time range – from 5 Jul, 2023 to 5 Oct, 2023

Final time range – from 5 Apr, 2024 to 5 Jul, 2024

From 4 to 3 commits per week
From 369 to 407 additions per week
From 223 to 711 deletions per week
Data calculated on 5 Jul, 2024

Summary of roq-trading/roq-api

The roq-trading/roq-api is a GitHub repository that provides the Application Programming Interface (API) for Roq Trading's ecosystem.

This trading API is supported for the C++ language and it's mainly used for high-frequency, low-latency trading.

The objective behind the design of this API is to provide a simple and compact interface that would allow fast-paced trading while keeping the API as slim as possible.

To get started, this repository has detailed installation instructions. It also has provided API references to help understand each function or module better.

Remember that roq-trading/roq-api is part of a larger system of software components within the Roq's trading system. Other components in the system include a market gateway, trading strategy, and a simulator for backtesting.

Please note, for usage, it requires downloading, compiling, and linking the library, which shows that a certain level of programming proficiency may be required.

**Repository details:** - *Language:* C++ - *License:* MIT License - *Latest commit:* Depends on the time of the request

The above information could change and it is always better to review the repository for the latest details.

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