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Summary of projectdiscovery/nuclei-templates

The projectdiscovery/nuclei-templates repository is a community-curated repository of various templates for the "nuclei" tool which is a part of the ProjectDiscovery framework.

"Nuclei" is used for custom, fast web-based/scanning tools and these templates provide a way to script the tool for different scanning and enumeration scenarios. The templates are easy to write, understand and they follow a simple DSL (Domain Specific Language) outlined by the "nuclei" tool.

The repository includes various types of security scanning templates such as:

  • DNS misconfigurations
  • Fuzzing templates
  • Open redirects
  • Subdomain takeovers
  • CVEs
  • Default credentials
  • Misconfigurations

These templates can greatly enhance security scanning capabilities by offering a pre-built set of conditions and parameters to look for. The major benefit here is that it's community-driven, with users around the world constantly contributing to and enhancing the templates. This means that it is continually updated with the latest known vulnerabilities and detection rules.

In addition, these templates are easy to integrate into CI/CD pipelines, hence making DevSecOps easier and more efficient.

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