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Summary of papers-we-love/papers-we-love

The papers-we-love Github repository is a community built resource that contains academic computer science papers and a directory of people who love reading them. It's an attempt to share and gather knowledge from the computer science community by encouraging sharing of ideas and concepts discussed in academic circles.

Repository Structure

The papers are grouped into various categories such as distributed_systems, machine_learning, programming_languages, algorithms and many more. You will find separate folders for each of these categories in the repository.

Each category has multiple papers listed under it. The papers are found in markdown files and links are generally provided to access the actual publication.

Guidelines to Contribute

As an open source repository, it welcomes contributions. You can contribute by adding new papers to the respective category folders, offering summaries or improvements to existing summaries, and starting or contributing to discussions about the papers.

Community Aspect

The repository is more than just a collection of research papers. It represents a community who loves reading, discussing, and learning from academic papers. There are Papers We Love chapters in cities around the world who conduct meetups around these papers.

In conclusion, the papers-we-love Github repository acts as a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to delve deeper into computer science theory and academic developments.

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