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Summary of oxen-io/oxen-core

The oxen-io/oxen-core GitHub repository is the primary software component of the Oxen Network. Oxen is an end-to-end encrypted communications toolkit, and it can be used to build a variety of privacy-oriented applications and services. Oxen Core is used to build the network's blockchain, providing the foundation for its privacy features and its native OXEN cryptocurrency.

In terms of technical details, Oxen Core is largely written in C++ and it's based on the Monero project's code, another popular privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

The repository includes the source code, release notes for each software version, and detailed instructions for compiling and running the software. There are also guidelines for reporting bugs and submitting patches.

Besides the blockchain itself, the repository also includes several other components like an HTTP RPC server for interacting with the blockchain, a command-line tool for managing the Oxen wallet, and utilities for mining Oxen.

Contributions are welcomed by the Oxen development community, and it uses the fork and pull request workflow that is common on GitHub, also the repository is maintained under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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