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Summary of ossu/computer-science

The ossu/computer-science GitHub repository is an open source endeavor that aims to provide a complete education in computer science using online resources. The curriculum is designed according to the degree requirements of undergraduate computer science programs from top universities.

The curriculum covers the following areas:

  • Intro CS: for students to understand what computer science truly is
  • Core CS: for the student to understand all aspects of CS
  • Advanced CS: to increase proficiency in areas of CS corresponding to the student's professional goals
  • Final project: to consolidate all concepts learned throughout the program
  • Pro CS: graduate-level specializations students can optionally choose to study

The curriculum also recommends multiple online courses for each subject, ratings for course difficulty, detailed guidance on how to navigate the curriculum and tracks the progress of the curriculum over time.

The repository reflects the ongoing efforts of the Open Source Society University (OSSU) to consolidate and organize free and open learning resources.

The project is open to contributions, with community input and collaboration welcomed.

Overall, the ossu/computer-science GitHub repository serves as a comprehensive and accessible guide for anyone who wishes to self-study computer science.

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