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Summary of openware/peatio

The Openware/Peatio GitHub repository is an open-source project that specializes in creating cryptocurrency exchange software. Here are some key details about it:

  • Foundation: The project is created and maintained by Openware, a company known for offering blockchain technologies and business solutions.

  • Functionality: Peatio represents a base platform for developing crypto currency exchange services, with mechanisms to handle different types of cryptocurrencies and fiat money, supporting deposit collection, trading and withdrawal operations.

  • Features: It consists of features like proof-of-solvency (PoS) audit, report generation, 2 Factor Authentication, blacklisting, rate limiting, whitelisting etc. Also, it supports a multitude of currencies and is designed to scale horizontally to handle heavy load and large data processing.

  • Integration: It's made to integrate easily with other software, being part of the OpenDAX stack, which includes Arke (liquidity making service), Barong (OAuth2 server with KYC and 2FA), and other components.

  • Language and Framework: The core system is mainly developed in Ruby on Rails.

Please note that the usage of this project is subject to the terms specified in the license, and it requires a well-versed knowledge of the field to deploy and manage effectively.

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