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Summary of nimiq/core-js

The nimiq/core-js repository on GitHub is the core implementation of the Nimiq Blockchain project, written in JavaScript. Nimiq is a simple, secure, and decentralized payment protocol, native to the web. With its cutting-edge browser-first blockchain approach, Nimiq significantly lowers barriers of entry to blockchain technology.

In terms of this repository, here are some key features:

  • JavaScript: The repository is entirely written in JavaScript, which makes it an easy-to-understand blockchain for developers familiar with web development.
  • P2P Network: It provides the primitives to create a Peer-to-Peer network in the browser, including discovery of other peers via WebRTC.
  • Nano clients: The project allows Nano clients that can run in the browser without needing to sync the full blockchain. Nano clients connect to normal nodes, which transmit a specific minimal subset of the blockchain to the Nano clients.
  • Proof of Work: The repository provides primitives to mine new blocks (using Argon2 as a proof-of-work algorithm) and validate them.

This repository thereby forms the backbone of the Nimiq ecosystem, enabling web developers to interact directly with the Nimiq blockchain using familiar JavaScript APIs.

Remember to check out the repository's README for more details, as well as any contributing guidelines if you plan to submit code.

- **Repository**: [nimiq/core-js]( - **Owner**: [Nimiq]( - **Language**: JavaScript - **License**: Apache-2.0

It's definitely a noteworthy contribution to the concept of inherently web-based blockchain technology. Please note that as this is an open-source project, it can undergo changes frequently.

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