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Summary of neovim/neovim

The Neovim repository on GitHub is where the development of the Neovim project takes place. Neovim is a refactor, and sometimes redactor, in the tradition of Vim (which itself derives from Stevie). It is not a rewrite but a continuation and extension of Vim. Many clones and derivatives exist, some very clever—but none are Vim. Neovim is built for users who want the good parts of Vim, and more.

Here are some key characteristics about Neovim:

  1. Contributor-Friendly: Neovim is developed with a strong focus on extensibility and usability. It encourages new contributors and has a welcoming community.

  2. Vim-Inspired & Compatible: Neovim is essentially an extension of Vim. It aims to maintain compatibility with Vim and its plugins while providing new features and improvements.

  3. Improved UI: Neovim promises a better integration with the system's clipboard, multiple windows and tabs, and an overall improved user interface.

  4. Asynchronous execution: One of the main improvements provided by Neovim over Vim is its support for asynchronous execution, which allows for better responsiveness and usability.

  5. Embeddable: Neovim can be embedded into other text-based applications, allowing these applications to benefit from its features.

  6. Extensible: Neovim enables users to extend the editor functionality via plugins. It supports a wide range of programming languages for plugin development.

The Neovim project is open-source and welcomes contributions from anyone. This can range from reporting bugs, improving documentation, writing and updating code, etc. The repository currently has many contributors and is being actively developed and maintained.

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