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Summary of microsoft/Web-Dev-For-Beginners

The Web-Dev-For-Beginners is a GitHub repository created by Microsoft. It is essentially a 14-week curriculum designed to introduce beginners to the world of web development. The repository has an abundance of resources, including presentations, notes, assignments, quizzes and more for each week of the curriculum.

The curriculum covers elements of web development starting from basic HTML/CSS, JavaScript up to advanced topics as UI and data visualization. Each lesson includes pre-lesson preparation, a lesson plan for teachers to follow, and assignments for students. For each week of the curriculum, it provides the following sections:

  1. An optional 'pre-lesson' section which includes relevant vocabulary and resources
  2. 'Introduction' where the main content begins
  3. 'Lesson' where the teaching is done. This could be through a tutorial or a presentation.
  4. 'Assignment' where the learner can put what they have learned into practice
  5. 'Quiz' for further learning

It's an excellent resource for both self-learners and educators who want to teach web development. The repository has a detailed roadmap and plenty of resources to guide users from the beginning stages of web development right up to the advanced stages. Microsoft encourages contributions to the resource, making it a continually growing and improving hub for learning web development.

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