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Initial time range – from 21 Apr, 2023 to 22 Jul, 2023

Final time range – from 21 Jan, 2024 to 21 Apr, 2024

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From 2 to 3276 deletions per week
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Summary of massgravel/Microsoft-Activation-Scripts

The massgravel/Microsoft-Activation-Scripts GitHub repository is a collection of scripts for activating Microsoft products using the Key Management Service (KMS). The repository hosts two main scripts: W10 Digital License Activation Script.cmd and Online KMS Activation Script.cmd.

Here are a few details:

W10 Digital License Activation Script.cmd

It activates Windows 10 with a digital license, where a digital license associated with your machine is stored on Microsoft servers.

Online KMS Activation Scripts

These use a server to activate the desired Microsoft product. They modify the hosts file to prevent an application from connecting to Microsoft servers to verify the license.

In the repository, a ReadMe file explains the process more broadly and in detail, which assists users in understanding what the scripts do and how to use them.

It's critical to understand that using these scripts violates Microsoft's terms of service and can lead to a ban or blocked license. Additionally, you should trust the script's source because it could potentially contain malicious code.

Note: This repository was taken down due to the presence of code that can easily be considered piracy, as it provides tools to bypass and abuse Microsoft's licensing system. As a general rule, it's recommended to only use properly licensed software to avoid such risks.

Disclaimer: This information is not an endorsement or encouragement of unauthorized software licensing or piracy.

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