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Summary of manu354/cryptocurrency-arbitrage

The manu354/cryptocurrency-arbitrage repository on GitHub contains a computer program that is created for arbitrage of cryptocurrencies. The program is written in Python and is designed to find arbitrage opportunities between several cryptocurrency exchanges.

The major functionalities of the software include:

  • Check for arbitrage opportunities
  • Check for inefficiencies in the price among various crypto exchanges

Please noted that this program does not place trades or transactions on your behalf. It is a tool designed purely for informational and educational purposes.

Keep in mind that arbitrage could be risky, especially in the volatile market of cryptocurrencies. Always understand the risks before making any financial decisions.

Disclaimer for the program: The owner of this repository does not take any responsibility for any possible losses you may incur.

Finally, the repository has not been updated in the past three years (as of Nov 9, 2018), which could potentially mean that the software might not be up-to-date with the current APIs provided by the cryptocurrency exchanges.

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