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Summary of lightninglabs/neutrino

Neutrino is a Bitcoin light client that connects to the Bitcoin network using the bitcoin protocol. It is developed by Lightning Labs.

Neutrino allows users to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain with increased privacy compared to traditional SPV clients. Unlike traditional clients, Neutrino requires no centralized server to operate and can connect to the network via peers. Users control the entire transaction process, from creating transactions to signing them.

The goals of Neutrino are:

  1. Requires no trust in any particular node.
  2. Users maintain control of their own keys.
  3. Users can verify the chain of proof of work.
  4. Low bandwidth, storage, CPU usage.

More detail about how Neutrino works can be found in the BIPs BIP 157 and BIP 158.

One thing to note is that this is not a wallet, but rather a backend service. For a Neutrino-backed Bitcoin wallet, see lightninglabs/lightning-app, which packages Neutrino into an easy-to-use bitcoin wallet.

This project is still in the experimental stage, so using it in production or with large amounts of bitcoin is not recommended at this time.

The repository contains a Go reference implementation of Neutrino. In order to build or use the neutrino library, the Go language must be installed on the system.

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