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Summary of jmfernandes/robin_stocks

The jmfernandes/robin_stocks repository on GitHub is a Python-based tool that allows simple access to Robinhood's private API, a stock trading service.

Here are some key characteristics of the repository:

  • It allows users to create scripts to buy and sell stocks, gather data about stocks, options, and crypto, gather historical market data, and much more.
  • The repository provides users with a simple interface that removes the necessity to know about HTTP requests.
  • The Robinhood stocks currently support trading stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies.
  • The repository provides several examples of how it can be used in the examples directory.
  • As of Oct 2021, this repository is quite popular, with over 1,070 stars, and more than 294 forks.

Please bear in mind that this API is not an official Robinhood API and could be treated as a breach of Robinhood's terms and conditions. It's recommended to use this for educational or research purposes, not for actual trading.

Here is the link to the repository: jmfernandes/robin_stocks

# jmfernandes/robin_stocks This is a Python-based API wrapper for Robinhood's private API. It allows for simple buying/selling of stocks, gathering data, and more. Use this for educational or research purposes, not actual trading. The repository is popular, with over 1,070 stars, and more than 294 forks. Visit the [repository]( for more info.

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