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Why iron-fish/ironfish is stable?

The result is based on ratio of number of commits and code additions from initial and final time ranges.

Initial time range – from 5 Jul, 2023 to 5 Oct, 2023

Final time range – from 5 Apr, 2024 to 5 Jul, 2024

From 18 to 12 commits per week
From 5296 to 4480 additions per week
From 4580 to 3881 deletions per week
Data calculated on 5 Jul, 2024

Summary of iron-fish/ironfish

The IronFish GitHub repository belongs to Iron Fish, a decentralized, private and scalable cryptocurrency. IronFish uses the principles of zero-knowledge proofs via zk-SNARKs to ensure blockchain privacy and handles unconfirmed transactions in a unique way that allows for scalability.

Here's the basic structure of the project:

  • ironfish/src: It stores the core components required for running an Iron Fish node, which includes the blockchain, the networking layer, and other necessary modules.

  • ironfish-cli/src: It consists of CLI commands, and the Iron Fish node itself which verifies, broadcasts, and mines blocks.

  • ironfish-wasm: Here, WASM bindings and all the cryptography logic are implemented.

The repository includes the issues to be solved, pull requests, and various contributors who contributed to the development.

Please keep in mind that the assumptions on the repository's purpose are based on the current state of the repository and may be subject to change as the project evolves.

To contribute, one can follow the contribution guidelines provided by the team of Iron Fish. It is recommended to have basics knowledge of typescript/javascript

Link to the repository: IronFish

[IronFish Repository](

Please ensure to respect usage rules and do pull-requests in line with the contributing guide provided by the team.

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