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Initial time range – from 5 Jul, 2023 to 5 Oct, 2023

Final time range – from 5 Apr, 2024 to 5 Jul, 2024

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Summary of goldmansachs/gs-quant

The goldmansachs/gs-quant repository on GitHub is a Goldman Sachs Python toolkit that is designed to be used by quantitative developers and data scientists. The toolkit, abbreviated as gs-quant, is designed to super-charge desktop Python development and allow users to express complex ideas, tackle big data and interact with a powerful, cross-asset portfolio and risk management platform.

It allows individuals to represent trading ideas, construct trades, and fetch historical and real-time risk. As gs-quant interacts with Goldman Sachs Marquee APIs, the toolkit can interact with both desktop and cloud functionality to perform tasks that would otherwise require manual steps or custom scripting.

Here are some example tasks you can perform directly:

  • Fetch and analyze recent and historical data
  • Run Pricing and Risk calculations
  • Use inbuilt tools and helpers for tasks
  • Integrated Jupyter notebook support
  • Access to Marquee Portfolio tools

To use gs-quant in a project, it first needs to be installed. This can be done directly through pip: pip install gs-quant The API key also needs to be set up.

Please note that gs-quant is a toolkit aimed at professional developers and investors, and potential users are advised to read through all terms and conditions.

Remember, this information can change as the developers update the toolkit. You should always refer to the official Goldman Sachs gs-quant GitHub page for the most recent information.

For a more detailed overview of capabilities, refer to the Goldman Sachs gs-quant guide

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