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Summary of github/gitignore

The github/gitignore repository is a collection of useful .gitignore templates, with all kind of languages, frameworks, tools, and more. These are very helpful to set up your project's .gitignore files.

A .gitignore file is a list of files to ignore when committing changes to the repository. It's specially useful in teams to ensure that everyone agrees on which files shouldn't be tracked by git, but also can help individual developers in their personal projects.

In this repository, you'll find templates for .gitignore files for a wide variety of languages and environments, including but not limited to Node, Java, Python, Ruby, Swift, and many others. This can be particularly useful if you're moving between projects in different languages and environments since it can reduce the risk of accidentally committing the wrong files.

Furthermore, contributions to this repository are welcome, so if you find that a particular language or environment is missing, you are encouraged to send a Pull Request with the new .gitignore template.

Overall, the github/gitignore repository is a very useful resource for any developer using git.

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