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Summary of gitbitex/gitbitex-spot

The gitbitex/gitbitex-spot repository on GitHub is a project aimed at providing an open-source, spot trading system. It is built using the Golang programming language.

The system supports features such as:

  • RESTful API
  • Websocket
  • High performance order matching engine
  • Trading pairs management
  • Transaction history

The last update to the project was made quite recently, which shows that it is being actively maintained. Initial development started in January 2019. The repository has a reasonable amount of stars (over 150), which indicates that it has gained some attention within the GitHub open-source community.

To get started with the project, you'd need a working Golang environment. Then, you can clone the repository and install its dependencies as described in the project's README.

These details provide a high-level overview of the repository. For in-depth understanding, please review the repository and codebase directly.

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