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Summary of gazbert/bxbot

The Gazbert/bxbot repository on GitHub is a simple Bitcoin trading bot that supports several exchanges, including Bitstamp, Kraken, and Poloniex. It can be easily extended to support more exchanges as it has a pluggable architecture.

It's coded using Java 8 and Spring Boot; developers familiar with the Java ecosystem will find it easy to get up and running with this bot. The project follows good software engineering principles: it has comprehensive documentation and unit test coverage.

The bxbot engine keeps track of trades using a polling mechanism, and it barnstorms trades when the market conditions meet the strategy's criteria.

Following is the high-level view of this architecture:

  • Bxbot uses exchange adapters to talk to Bitcoin exchanges.
  • Strategies are used to bark trades and can be hot-plugged into the engine at runtime.

Here are some other key features:

  1. It uses a Polling Market Data Strategy: At startup and on a configured schedule, the Trading Engine queries the exchange for latest market data and then pings it out on the exchanges event queue.

  2. Trading Strategy: It is made up of two components; the Trading Strategy and the Trading Engine. The Trading Engine pulls the latest market data off the exchange's event queue and sends it to the Trading Strategy.

  3. The bot also has Email Alerts: If the bot encounters an unexpected error or a Trading Strategy decides it's time to make a trade, the bot will send an email alert.

  4. Emergency Stop: The bot has a built-in emergency stop feature; if the Trading Strategy encounters a situation where it cannot continue, it will halt the bot.

Please note this bot can't predict price movement and is meant for reference purposes only. Always test your trading strategies against historical data and remember trading incurs financial risk.


Remember to read and understand the software thoroughly before using it to execute trades.

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