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Summary of firoorg/firo

The firoorg/firo repository is the official GitHub page for the Firo (previously known as Zcoin) cryptocurrency. The repository contains all the source code and relevant documentation of the Firo project.

The Firo project uses zero-knowledge proofs via the Sigma Protocol and the Lelantus privacy protocol. It enables users to have complete privacy over their transactions through a sophisticated zero-knowledge cryptographic proof.

The project is written in C++, and provides a suite of tests to validate that the system works as expected. It also includes scripts for building dependencies for various platforms, allowing developers to contribute and test code no matter their development environments.

Users and developers alike can access the latest developments of the Firo network through this repository, keep up with new features being developed, and also contribute to the project.

Remember, because it's a cryptocurrency project, it's anticipated that professionalism and security-based best practices should always be observed when dealing with code that directly handles financial transactions.

- **Repository Name:** firoorg/firo - **Description:** Source code for Firo cryptocurrency - **Primary Language:** C++ - **Special Notes:** Used to be known as Zcoin. Uses zero-knowledge cryptographic proof for transaction privacy.

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