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Summary of exchange-core/exchange-core

Exchange-core is an open-source, high performance, protocol agnostic, low latency cryptocurrency exchange core based on the principles of decentralization. It is designed for high load and low latency operations and centered around the paradigm of event sourcing.

Here are some features of the exchange-core:

  • Protocol agnostic order book management. It can be easily adapted for any quote currency depending on the need
  • FIX, Binary and REST APIs for easy integration
  • Basic matching engine capabilities (FAK, FOK, IOC, GTC, Day)
  • Advanced matching engine features (Stop orders, iceberg orders)
  • Risk control and Optional transaction audit logging
  • Exchange operations based on the algorithmic complexity
  • Margin trading and derivatives
  • Web and command-line administrative interfaces
  • High throughput (over 1M new orders per second on single thread), low latency

    While it is an open-source project, it does involve a certain level of complexity and technicality, so it is recommended to be used by those who have a good understanding of open source application development.

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