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Summary of dylanaraps/neofetch

The dylanaraps/neofetch GitHub repository hosts a command-line utility written in Bash that collects your system information and displays it alongside an ASCII version of your operating system's logo.

Neofetch is highly customizable and it supports almost 150 different operating systems. The information by default is displayed alongside your OS's logo. You can further configure Neofetch to display images, configurations, a certain number of packages, and much more.

The displayed information includes but is not limited to: your system's host name, uptime, packages, shell, resolution, DE, WM, WM Theme, Theme, Icons, Terminal, and processor. It can also display your system's current song, your highest scoring post on Reddit, or weather information.

This tool is very useful to take snapshots of your system setup and share with others. You see examples of Neofetch in use in many desktop screenshots online.

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