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Summary of dominiktraxl/pykrakenapi

The dominiktraxl/pykrakenapi is a Python wrapper for the Kraken ( API. It's produced by a user named Dominik Traxl. The library simplifies the process of integrating your Python application, software, or script with the Kraken cryptocurrency trading platform through their API.

Features of the library include:

  • It provides easy access to the Kraken API for Python 3.
  • It has an implementation of all public and private methods.
  • It includes some additional functionality to make it easier to handle requests and responses.

It is available under the MIT License which means it's free for use in any project. The library requires Python 3.5 and the Requests library.

Here's an example of its usage:

from pykrakenapi import KrakenAPI import krakenex api = krakenex.API() k = KrakenAPI(api) # Fetch recent trades, clear output, store results in DataFrame and print the last results. trades, last = k.get_recent_trades('XETHZEUR') trades_clean = KrakenAPI.clean_trades_df(trades) print(trades_clean.tail())

This is a handy tool for anyone wanting to build software that interacts with Kraken's digital asset trading platform. However, like with any code that aids interaction with financial transactions, it is advised to use caution and thoroughly test your implementation to ensure accurate and secure operational use.

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