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Summary of cosmos/cosmos-sdk

The cosmos/cosmos-sdk is a repository for a framework for building blockchain applications in Golang. It's designed to remove the complexities of building complex blockchain applications by providing a framework that packs a suite of functionalities. The Cosmos-SDK is a state-machine definition and SDK for building application-specific blockchains, or other decentralized systems.

It allows developers to customize their decentralized applications with their own logic while also harnessing the networking and consensus components of the Tendermint Core. The software provides modules that can be used out of the box, tweaked to your requirements, or be used as a guide for more complex requirements.

Remember that Cosmos SDK applications are variations of a state-machine. The state, representing the current state of the blockchain, is maintained by iteratively applying transactions. Transactions may both update the state and include an optional response. The transactions' contents are interpreted and processed by the application; they are not intrinsic to the SDK or the underlying consensus engine.

Have a look at the official documentation for a comprehensive guide to start working with it.

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